Mesa was one of the three spawn towns on Public Server II. It was located at -1340 6280.

About Edit

Mesa was the second largest of the three main towns, and was home to many residents. As the name suggests it was located in a Mesa biome, surrounded by nothing but clay. Despite this handicap, the town established itself to be a busy trading hub and a popular farming area.

Several large buildings, such as a town hall or an unused railway station lied at the heart of the town. The district to the north was well known for its very efficient automatic and semi-automatic farms, most of which were built by ALabrecque. The north was also the center of the residential district, with many abodes built in this area.

Landmarks Edit

  • Public Farms - Mesa was well known for its efficient farms, which were open to everyone. There were farms for almost every farmable resource in the game, as well as two towers merged together to create a very efficient Wither Skeleton farm. Most of the farms were built by the community moderator ALabrecque.
  • New Hope Pawn Shop - A trading centre built by New Hope's mayor Jonpot, this shop traded items to players in an unconventional method. It was a large building made out of diamond, emerald and iron blocks, with many beacons on top and was located north of the Teleporters.

Nether Edit

Mesa's Nether Hub was built by ALabrecque and catkin63 using various materials, including different types of wooden planks, different colours of stained clay, quartz and wool. It had connections to Plains, many other towns, players' bases as well as to Far West and Winter Island.

Members Edit

Although not being the largest town, Mesa still features many members. You can find a brief list of them below:

  1. Mayor: raffhork09
  2. ToffeeMax

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