MesaThe Mesa used to be a vast sea before the oceans dried up
Mesa was one of the three big starter towns on Public Server II. It was located at -1340 6280.

Features Edit

Mesa is the second largest of the three main towns, and was home to many residents. The town had links to many other server towns, such as New Hope and Ald Isle. The city held many shops, farms and houses.

Public Farms Edit

Mesa also contained a lot of public farms, including two towers re-done into farms, one for Wither Skeletons and one for Chicken Jockeys. As for vanilla items, you can find almost everything in the town, including Sugar Cane, Cacti, Pumpkins, Melons, different crops and some cooked meat. Most of these farms were built by ALabrecque.

Pawn Shop Edit

Built by Jonpot, the Pawn Shop offered all kinds of payment for various items. It is a huge structure built out of Stone Bricks, Diamond, Emerald and Iron Blocks. It was located north from the Teleporters and was signified by many green, blue and white beacons.

Secret Santa Edit

The Secret Santa was a project by Surielle, started in late November. For a fee of 1 Diamond, players could buy a permission to recieve gifts from others in a special structure made of stained clay and quartz. The structure is located south from the Teleporters. The project ended after Christmas 2015

Nether Hub Edit

Mesa's Nether Hub was built by ALabrecque and catkin63 using various materials, including different types of wooden planks, different colours of stained clay, quartz and wool. It had connections to Plains, many other towns, players' bases as well as to Far West and Winter Island. DuckJr was working on a second floor for the hub.

Members Edit

Although not being the largest town, Mesa still features many members. You can find a brief list of them below:

  1. Mayor: raffhork09
  2. ToffeeMax

Gallery Edit

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