Mega Taiga, simply known as Taiga is one of the five spawn towns on the Public Server III. It is located around -1200 1000.


The Mega Taiga is a large, muddy, grassy biome that seems to be in the middle of the other four towns. A town sits in the middle of this murky environment which is a true gem among the rubble. The town is small but compact with many buildings including a town centre and a confusing range of jobs listed for an imposed democracy.


Some of the famed locations of the town include:

  • The Town Square - Contains the Teleporters, and the Nether Portal
  • The Community Center - A place with free-to-use farms
  • Taiga Center by TheAslera - A shopping mall in a building
  • The Spruce Shops by Motorblade - A shopping area with purchasable lots
  • The Town Core Lake - A beautiful place to relax and collect Town Cores
  • The Villager Shop by TheAslera - A shop where you can buy villagers and iron.
  • The Public Blast Furnace by Oraia - A special iron furnace which doubles iron and gold
  • Dynade's Melon and Pumpkin Farms - These two farms feed hungry residents

Nether Edit

Members Edit


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