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Recent news:

10/06/16 - A Sweep of 1.12 Updates to Modules has been released, go look at the Gamemode 4 Website for more information!

12/05/16 - Wiki Update #1 has been released- go read :)

06/05/16 - Better Fire has been updated to 1.11

06/05/16 - -Polls are back! Get voting people!

30/03/2017 - New Translators! Welcome Dragon Master and ClearLoadSave :)!

22/03/16 -The Newest Page Available for Translation is Sweethearts! Make the language and love come together people!

19/03/17 - Polls are back baby!

19/03/17 - New Faces on the Wikia! ToffeeMax, BluePsychoRanger and Kroppeb are the new admins!

11/03/17 - Release of Module Sweethearts

Recent News (Above)

Old News (Below)

MISC: -The latest page up for translation was Weighted Armour.

04/06/16 - Necromancers are stopping you counting! Thread:20249

16/04/16 - Doomsday is coming! Puzzle [[1]] is out.

09/04/16 - Necromancers are invading the wiki! Puzzle [[2]] is out.

02/03/16 - Ink spitting squids 2.0 is now avaliable, now with Achievements!

18/02/16 - Always wanted to be an undead player in 1.9? Well now you can with Undead Players 2.0!

18/02/16 - Whoosh! Speed Paths 2.0 is out!

14/02/16 - The zombies are coming... save yourself in the Zombie Event.

10/02/16 - Add potions to your golden swords... now in 1.9 with Potion Swords 2.0!

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