Details Edit

Lower Caves (AKA Mining World 2, Mining Dimension 2) is one of two cave dimensions in Gamemode 4D. In this dimension, coal, iron, redstone, gold, and diamond ores can be found, but beware of the blazes! In addition, the bottom of this dimension is filled with lava and magma blocks: "the lava level". When in this dimension, everything seems darker and void of color.

Blazes will spawn naturally in this dimension at the lava level. A black cloud can randomly spawn and remove the fire resistance effect from players.

At the lava level, you can create nether portals. This is the only way of reaching the nether in GM4D, and nether portals in the nether will be linked to portals in Lower Caves.

Lava geysers will randomly erupt in the lava level of this dimension. Geysers will display a lava particle before erupting straight up, destroying any blocks in its path. Geysers will stop at the roof of the lava level.

Water cannot be found in this dimension, and will get evaporated immediately if placed with a buck.

Entering and Leaving Edit

To discover the Lower Caves link, go to the very bottom of Upper Caves (Y=5). After discovering the link, to enter Lower Caves, go to the bottom of Upper Caves (Y=19 or lower) and use the Mandala. To go back to Upper Caves, use the Mandala at the top of Lower Caves (Y=201 or higher).

Nether portals must be built so that the highest obsidian in the portal is no higher than y 64. With a standard portal, this means that the bottom obisidian must be at y 60 or below.

Linked Dimensions Edit

Lower Caves is linked to only 1 other Dimension. To get to it, use the Mandala in the location below. Additionally, the nether can be accessed through this dimension.

Name Link Location Particle
Upper Caves Above Y=200 Gray
Nether Under Y=60 (none)