The Automatic XP Bottler is a redstone creation which allows Liquid Tanks to automatically fill XP Bottles. It was created by The8BitMonkey.

Tutorial written by Seikatsu.

Tutorial Edit

To get started, you will need the following items:

Item Item Name Quantity
Any Building Block x12
Any Slab x1
Redstone x6
Redstone Torch x4
Redstone Comparator x2
Redstone Repeater x1
Hopper x3
Any 64-Stackable Item x19
Bottle o' Enchanting x22
Liquid Tank x1

Step 1 Edit

Create the following "T" shape using the building blocks and place two torches on the left side.


Step 2 Edit

Place two redstone dust on the bottom part of the "T" and a redstone torch on the top part of it.


Step 3 Edit

Place an upside-down slab on the most-left block, a hopper facing away from it (to the left) and a chest, connected to the hopper. That will be your output chest.


Step 4 Edit

Place a comparator on the slab, which is facing to the right and into a block. You will also need to place a hopper to the left of the comparator. The hopper must be facing into the comparator!


Step 5 Edit

A block can be placed on top of the comparator next, along with a hopper pointing into the one below it. The hopper will be your Experience Tank.


Step 6 Edit

Go to the highest hopper and build a little platform behind it. This will house most of the circuiting.


Step 7 Edit

Place a comparator facing out from the future Liquid Tank, run some redstone out of it, and make it run into a repeater set to 4 ticks.


Step 8 Edit

You can then place a hopper pointing into the future Liquid Tank and a chest on top of it. The chest will be your input.


Step 9 Edit

Now that you have built the structure, fill the hopper facing into the comparator like shown below. After that, turn the hopper above it to a Liquid Tank and set it to Fill Mode and add 1 Lapis Lazuli. That will convert it to an Experience Tank.


Step 10 Edit

Re-configure the Liquid Tank once again by replacing the sign by any stackable item and change the hopper to a dispenser. This will allow you to fill empty bottles with XP.


Step 11 Edit

Now go ahead and give the whole thing a test with multiple bottles. If they get through, you've built it right!


See More Edit

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