This is an April Fools' Day joke. Don't be a fool and read at your own risk!
The Kappathon event is an event set to take place in April on the Gamemode 4 server. Being the most expensive event ever, costing over 9000 to produce, the event will include multiple kelebrations of Kappa, the true founder of the Gamemode 4 Server.

Itinerary Edit

2nd April: Kelebrations begin as the Night of Kappa is held. Various dankes towards Lord Kappa will be held, sukh as the Makarana and Jonpot's own "Ode de la Ald" Danke.

3rd April: Preparations for the coming of Kappa will take place, with various celebrities joining the server to take part in the fun. deadmau5 and Bill Clinton have been confirmed to make it. Meanwhile, the server enters "Super-Duper Hardcore" mode, where anyone who dies in-game dies in real life.

4th April: The final night before the coming of Kappa sees the server members scrambling to build a monument to gain his favor. Sparks unveils the area where the event shall be held, announcing his new Kappa-Island biome, complete with custom mobs, statues to Kappa and a thrown for Kappa himself.

5th April: The reckoning begins, with Kappa joining the server, announcing Kappathon to begin. The fate of all server members will be decided by Kappa, who has the say in who lives and dies.

6th April: All that will be remaining will be moderators. They will have to please Kappa or be smitten. Only one person shall be alive at the end of the celebration, and that person will get to leave.

7th April: Jonpot probably dies. I mean cmon.

14th April: Only three people will remain.

17th April: Sparks is revealed to be Adobe software, and Kappa is displeased.

19th April: Viss tiek ieslēgts latviešu . Tas ir ļoti ēnas ārā un zirgs ir nokošana manu potītes . Mana tālr tulkotājs ir ļoti slikti .

20th April: The island will have become overrun with weeds. The only way to escape is to burn them, but they are hard to burn. They must first be rolled up into a tube, then burned from one end. The islanders will have their hands full (Literally) so they must hold this tube in their mouths while trying to make more.

31st April: Server returns to normal, but only Laerite will be left. He will have to repopulate the world.

Crafting Recipes Edit

These crafting recipes will be needed at some point in the event. But don't ask Jon why i mean what does he know

1 Stick + 1 Carrot = Kappa's Staff

250 Nether Stars + 1 Apple = Kappa's Apple

Spark's head + Jonpot + 5 Dragon Eggs = [ONLY ONE COMMAND] LASER IN MINECRAFT!

DJ Khaled's toe + Command Block = [ONLY ONE COMMAND] DJ KHALEED

Majicman444 + 222 = MAJICMAN 666

Lore Edit

Lorne Malvo is a character from FX show Fargo. Fyid loves that show.

Idiot, I said LORE Edit

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Kappa was created as a byproduct of early custom crafters. They created Kappatonium, a new element, which made Carbon and Silicon based life forms seem obsolete. Kappa soon became sentient and was declared a meme at birth. But this did not stop Crazyman and Sparks from adopting. He then became more powerful, and soon a hopper clock couldn't stop him. In an effort to stop the terror he may unleash Sparks took him to ARSE (the Ald Research Senter of Exellenticy) to download Kappa onto WMD (World Meme Database) There Kappa was, only escaping every april 5th and returning on the 31st april.