Ice SpikesThe Frozen Heart of an evolving world that seems to be developing slowly

Ice Spikes (commonly named Spiked Sparks or Ice Sparks) was one of the three big starter towns on Public Server II. It was located at 5630 -5660.

About Edit

It was the smallest of the three official, spawn towns, hidden inside a forest made of ice and very close to Paw Peaks.

Nether Hub Edit

A Nether Hub is under construction by ArcaneArcher. It is made out of snow, ice and quartz. Due to Ice Spikes being a small town, it has only eight tunnels, which lead to players' bases, Amestris and Atlantis, Paw Peaks and SquidyWood.

"New Ice" (A.K.A New Ice Spikes Project) Edit

"New Ice" was a controversial project by Steamedications with the main goal of the project to redevelop Ice Spikes's old lands. The project revolved around four main phases:

  • Phase One: Fixing terrain, removing old houses and ugly/cube houses, then building a whole new terrain including a great ice mountain.
  • Phase Two: Giving life to the terrain, Trees/Grass/Leafs/Fence/Roads/Teleporters/Lamps/Trash Cans/Etc
  • Phase Three: Cutting the lands into plots, each plot is different than the other and has a unique shape, each plot will be given to the right person as his home.
  • Phase Four: Building Ice Nether Hub in the design of Plains' Nether Hub.

The project was subject to much controversy due to the legitimacy surrounding the whole project and whether Steamededictions had been given permission. This issue was resolved with Ice Spikes being given a new mayor (Jonpot) and the Project Scrapped to be replaced with a more organic one which encouraged improving the old and working with it.

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