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House Building Contest (Public Server III)Our House, in the middle of gamemode 4! Our house, in the middle of...

The House Building Event was an event on Public Server III from the 2nd of February through to the 11th of February involving a manner of solo players and teams of players.

Details Edit

The players of the server were challenged to build a house of any kind and of any era, style and theme. The only request was that is was a house within a given plot size. Taking place over two weeks, players grafted to produce stunning houses and at the end of the fortnight staff members voted on each house, giving it an average between them. See below for the winners of this event:

Winners Edit

Several trophies of different tiers where given to those who built a house based on their performance

Trophy Winners
Master Builder Trophy (Diamond) GFD Team
Classy Builder Trophy (Gold) DroDo_


Fancy Builder Trophy (Iron) tttymo16



Apprentice Builder Trophy All participants including the example house builders

Gallery Edit

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