This page is about a Hermitcraft Gamemode 4 Module. It is not on the main Gamemode 4 Website

Herobrine is a custom boss module used in Hermitcraft Gamemode 4. It's created by IJAMinecraft and you can download the 1 command contraption from his website.

Spawning Edit

There is a specific way to spawn the boss. After Herobrine is summoned, he will do massive damage to the area. He will also change the time to night.

Resources Edit

To spawn in the boss, you need the following resources: You can get them by clicking a sign on the module.

Item Item Name Quantity
Gold Block x 4
Coal Block x 4
Armour Stand x 1

Layout Edit

You must create a 3x3 space on the ground. You place the coal blocks on corners, gold blocks on sides and the armour stand in the middle.

Attacking Edit

There are 2 main phases of the boss battle.

Phase 1 Edit

During this phase, Herobrine will float above the summoning altar. He will attack you using his minion attack (summoning large amount of baby zombies) and his meteor attack (fireballs falling from the sky). In order to weaken him, you have to shoot the Ender Crystal below him three times. When you shoot the crystal for the third time, Herobrine will summon lightning and Phase 2 of the battle will begin.

Phase 2 Edit

During this phase Herobrine himself will attack you. If you get near him, he will blind you, slow you down and give you Mining Fatigue. His melee attack deals a lot of damage. Besides his melee attack, Herobrine will summon minions (baby zombies), teleport you arround the area and also use his floating meteor attack (Herobrine floats into the air and shoots fireballs at you). This is the final phase of the battle, meaning that you can kill him.

Loot Edit

After killing Herobrine, he will drop chain boots called Despair. When equipped, these boots will cause nearby mobs and players to float, will give them Wither and will set them on fire as well. The boots are much more effective when on ground, as its attack seem to have bigger range. These boots can't be destroyed by normal means, can't despawn, but can be destroyed using /clear or /kill commands.

You will also be given a Herobrine Statue.

Herobrine Statue Edit

This item is an "expansion" used in Hermitcraft Gamemode 4, and was given when they successfully defeated Herobrine. It replaces the normal Herobrine drop "Despair", since the boots of Despair would be too powerful as a drop.

Details Edit

You will be given an armour stand upon defeating Herobrine. When it is placed down, it will turn into the statue.

This statue can't despawn. It's not possible to destroy it with ordinary tools either.

Effects Edit

The Statue will give everyone that is close a strength II effect for 10 min.

Removal Edit

To remove the statue, you will need to break the carpet beneath it. Removing the statue will give you the armor stand back, so that you place the statue in another place.

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