On December 20th, 2015 the trophy was given out on the last day of the Christmas Event. During this event you got a custom trophy: a mask called the Gift Trophy. It gives wearers items every few minutes whilst being worn. It was also given out on 21st December from 00:01 GMT to 20:00 GMT.

Item Edit

The Gift Trophy appears to be an impulse command block in a ribbon. When worn, there is a 70% chance of being given an item every few minutes. The same rate applies when AFK, making a very good commodities farm.

Items Given Edit

See table below.

Item Item Name Rarity Chance
Nothing Common 30%
Coal Common 30%
Redstone Rare 11%
Golden Nugget Rare 10%
Iron Ingot Epic 8%
Gold Ingot Epic 6%
Diamond Legendary 3%
Dearest Audrey... Legendary 2%

Trivia Edit

  • According to server moderators, the Gift Trophy and the ESA Trophy run on the same clock.
  • The "Dearest Audrey" paper is a reference to the character "Audrey", featured mainly in the "Buried Treasure" module. More information can be found about her here.

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