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Gardens are places on the Public Server III made by the community for the Garden Party Event. Each Garden is located near a major venue on the server, such as a main town or player town.

Ald Haven's GardenEdit

Ald Haven's Garden is located at 5770, 69, 4925, near Ald Haven. Its distinctive and unique features are the green clay used on the floor and the large cherry blossom tree. As well as that, Ald's garden featured standard garden decorations - flowers, bushes, trees, picnic areas.

Extreme Hills' GardenEdit

Surrounded by stone and ice, mcpeachpies' team has managed to create a beautiful green garden at -4983 73 4523.

Creators Edit

Games of 4's GardenEdit

Alongside rolercoasters and shops, Games of 4 also features a garden. It is located at 1815 64 -3404 and is decorated with plants, bushes and water streams. It also features an uphill camping area with a moose statue.

Mega Taiga's GardenEdit

Located in the shade of tall spruce trees lies Mega Taiga's garden, a true gem among the rubble. It is loacted southeast from Mega Taiga and is easily accessible by following a path from the town centre or by following a tunnel in the Nether.

Landmarks Edit

  • The Castle - A small medieval castle, around which was built the garden. Who built it is unknown to this day.
  • The Green Cave - A surprisingly lush cave, which seems to provide most of the lake's fresh water.
  • A Fountain - Proving that less is more, this simple fountain amazed the staff by, to quote Sparks, 'fountaining'.
  • Tiny Peaceful Dragon Statue - A statue of a majestic red and gray dragon, which overlooks the garden and protects Mega Taiga from invaders.

Creators Edit

Gallery Edit

Mushroom Island's GardenEdit

Protected from mobs by the grand mushroom,

Twigtopia's GardenEdit

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