The Garden Party Event was an event on the Public Server III for the month August. In this event, teams of players had to create gardens that would be later reviewed and judged by AccidentalGames. The main goal of the event was to bring players together and encourage teamwork.

Details Edit

The event was first announced via Discord on August 17th. During the following two weeks, players could create gardens, which would be judged during a livestream on August 28th.

Event Results Edit

After all 6 registered gardens were toured, Sparks put up a public vote for the best garden. The results were:

Garden Number of Votes Percentage of Votes
Mushroom Island 17 40%
Games of 4 10 24%
Mega Taiga 6 14%
Ald Haven 5 12%
Twigtopia 3 7%
Extreme Hills 1 2%

Sparks, Crazyman and Bluefire also stepped in, revealing their favourites and finally, the winners of the event were announced:

Position Garden
Top 1 Mushroom Island
Top 2 Mega Taiga
Top 3 Ald Haven

Rewards Edit

Every player who was online on the server during the livestream, was rewarded with a Garden Trophy. Every garden had a firework spawner placed inside as reward for all their hard work.

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