Games of OlympicsThe Gamiest of Olympics that Minecraftia ever saw
The Games of Olympics was an event on the Public Server III. It took place on September 30th and October 1st 2016. As the name suggests, it was full of disciplines where players could show off their olympic-esque skills.


The event was mainly organised by Dordir8, DragonEye3k and kruthers and took place near the Games of 4 theme park.

List of DisciplinesEdit

Sponsors and Helpers:Edit


The event was sponsored by the generous Sheepe Animations. Throughout the event there where competitions and a sale going on at Sheepe's Area shop located at the south entrance to the shopping level.


IGN (In game name) Edit

Form of donation

Dennis Stone supply
SirSheepe Wood supply
Tomdebelgie12 Sand Donation and helped build
Compsogbrickus Supplied Flowers and Leather
Nerxit Supplied Sand for TNT


We have a group of wonderful VIPs:

  • Internt_Alien
  • Loedje
  • marasbaras
  • tttymo16
  • Denniss
  • SpicyDiamond88
  • Bakonov
  • kikawet
  • Compsogbrickus


You may only add to the gallery:

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