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Games of 4 is a theme park on the Public Server III at 1825 -3450. It was founded and created by raffhork09 and dordir8 as the continuation of Far West.

About Edit


Games of 4 is mostly located in a Plains biome northeast from the Jungle spawn town, although some parts of it are built in a Jungle or Taiga biome. Raff and dordir also created a texture pack, which enhances the experience. It can be downloaded here.

Games of 4 is divided into many parts. For instance, the main street, which is where most of the shops like Sparks Bucks and the Games of 4 T-Shirt Store are located. There is also the Snowy Hills area, which was built for the Games of 4: Winter Event took place.

Landmarks Edit

  • Rollercoasters - Games of 4 is famous for its many rollercoasters, most of which were built by the founders and Dennis. The most popular ones are Alien and Apocalypse.
  • Admin Statue - The first thing you see after coming out of the Nether portal is a statue of Crazyman47_ and SpiderRobotMan holding up Sparks. Sparks is also decorated with a moustache, which has been added by Crazyman.
  • Games of 4 Castle -

Nether Edit

Games of 4 is accessible from Jungle via Nether, where it has a dedicated tunnel, which is decorated with green clay, various stones, grass and flowers. This tunnel leads to a hub, made out of quartz, stone slabs and white, blue and light blue wool.

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