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What is Gamemode 4?

Gamemode 4 is a collection of Command-Block modules created by Sparks from Accidental Games that modify and improve the vanilla Minecraft game-play experience without the use of mods.

There are three ways you can use Gamemode 4 modules: Download a new Minecraft world with the module pre-installed for you, install the module using the 1-click install or download the module as an MCEdit Schematic file. Most modules have all three of these options available.

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Public Server III Teleporters

The Teleporters module was added to the Gamemode 4 Public Server III, it allows the user to teleport between the three different areas on the server at a cost of 3 XP and 3 Nether Powder from Vials.

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-The necromancers back and invading the next counting thread!

-The newest module release was Better Armour Stands 2.0, on the 30th May 2016.

-The latest page up for translation was Weighted Armour.

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