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Welcome to the Gamemode 4 Wiki

We have a total of 214 pages, and 31,972 contributions have been made since the wikia opened 18th February 2015!

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What is Gamemode 4?

Gamemode 4 is a collection of Command-Block modules created by Sparks from Accidental Games that modify and improve the vanilla Minecraft game-play experience without the use of mods.

There are four ways you can use Gamemode 4 modules: Download a new Minecraft world with the module pre-installed for you, install the module using the 1-click install, download a structure file and install using structure blocks, or download the module as an MCEdit Schematic file. Most modules have all four of these options available.

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Featured Article of the Month (March 2017)


The Newest Gamemode 4 Module, If your friend (or lover) is in a bit of a pickle health wise- then you can share some of your love with your special one for the price of a pricked finger and a flower. The true expression of love is not chocolate anymore- it is sharing blood. Cool!

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-The Newest Page Available for Translation is Sweethearts! Make the language and love come together people!

-The Wiki has some new faces! Please Welcome ToffeeMax, BluePsychoRanger and Kroppeb

-Polls are back! Get voting people!

-The newest module release was Sweethearts, on the 11th March 2017.

For the full list of news, please see the community corner.

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