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About The Whitelist Edit

A whitelist is a filter only allowing the items on the list. Both the Gamemode 4 Public Server I and the Public Server II has had a whitelist in place for users accepted by the Gamemode 4 application form. Anybody can apply an indefinite amount of times to get on the whitelist. The form can be found here. Any previously accepted players will forever be on the Public Server whitelist.

Getting On The Whitelist Edit

On May 3rd, 2016 Sparks confirmed that there were over 2,000 whitelisted members on the Public Server II. Prior to the release of the Public Server II, there was an overwhelming amount of users wanting to enter the whitelist, so Sparks created the whitelist checker, where one can look to see what place their application is in to be reviewed. All applications are checked by staff members looking for players who are interested in a collaborative multiplayer world.

The List Of Questions On The Application Form Edit

  • Username (Used to make sure the player has a premium Minecraft account)
  • How the player discovered Gamemode 4
  • A little about the player
  • Favorite module, if the player knows a bit of Gamemode 4
  • Maturity level of the player (Joke question)
  • The hopes of what the server will bring
  • What the player wants to do on the server
  • "Have You Heard?" (Joke question)
  • Your starter Pokèmon (Joke question)
  • Contact information (E-mail or Twitter handle suggested)

Exceptions To The Whitelist Edit

A player may not be accepted again if repeated temp-bans or perma-bans occur. Another reason is because the player abused the application form or any other form.