Gamemode 4DOpened November 10th

Gamemode 4D is a public server owned by Accidental Games. It is designed to give fans of Gamemode 4 an open server to play and experience a taste of what there is to offer (all modules used on server will be listed below). This server is the fourth iteration (Public Server IV) and was opened on November 10, 2017.

This server is the fourth iteration, but it's the first official GM4 server to be fully public as all previous servers had a whitelist with an application form.

Wiki pages associated with the Public Server are marked with a banner as such or in a category "GM4D" or others such as "GM4D Dimensions".

Getting Started Edit

When first spawning in Gamemode 4D, you will spawn randomly in the so called "Tutorial World." You will have a book in your inventory that explains that you have to craft a Mandala (in a normal crafting table). The Mandala allows you to travel to different dimensions. While holding the Mandala in the Tutorial Wold, right clicking the particles will take you to the so called "Overworld". This is the start of your adventure.

Rules Edit

 These are the rules that apply to all Gamemode 4 Platforms. 

You are expected to know and follow them at all times. Failure to do so could result in punishment. For more detailed rules- visit the Gamemode 4 Website.

Server Edit

For each of the following rules, please see the website for more details.
  • No Cheating
  •     No Stealing
  •     No Griefing
  •     Respect Others Builds
  •     No Spam
  •     No Impersonating Moderators
  •     Be Responsible for your Account
  •     No Hate Speech
  •     No Excessive Lag

Discord Edit

All chat rules on the server apply to the discord server.
  • Other discords related to Gamemode 4 are allowed, but not moderated, nor supported by the staff team.
  • Please use the text channels for their intended purposes.
  • #help is strictly for contacting staff.
  • If an issue needs to be brought to the attention of the staff team, you may use the ping-able roles @staff, @cmod, @mod, or @admin.
  • An @admin does not need to know when you have been stolen from, and a @cmod cannot help you if you lose your player-data through some glitch.
  • Try and avoid posting download links in the discord, incase the link is malicious. Instead, DM the interested people.

Installed Modules Edit

Active Modules Edit

Bat Grenades
Better Armor Stands
Block Compressors
Boots of Ostara
Custom Crafter
Decorative Mushroom Blocks
Desire Lines
Enchantment Extractor
Ender Hoppers
Enderman Support Class
Heart Canisters
Ink Spitting Squids
Lightning Rods
Liquid Tanks
Mandala *plugin
Mysterious Midnights
Poses Pack

Potion Swords

Record Crafting
Speed Paths
Sunken Treasure
Undead Players
Vertical Rails
Weighted Armour
Zauber Cauldrons

Dimensional Modules Edit

Some modules are only available in certain dimensions

Module Dimension
Blast Furnaces Upper Caves
Master Crafting Upper Caves
Standard Crafting Upper Caves

 Player Ranking Edit

There are four ranks on the server. Ranks are not progression-based nor do ranks indicate extra survival features.

  • Donor - Donors have a gold-coloured name. One-time donation players receive this rank for a month, Patrons of the server have the rank until the end of their patronage.
  • Community Moderator - Indicated by a red "CM" in front of their names, Community Moderators can check for griefers / thieves on a server. These are assigned by Accidental Games.
  • Moderator - Indicated by a red "M" in front of their names, Moderators can check for griefers / thieves on a server, teleport to players in need and rollback damage. These are assigned by Accidental Games.
  • Admin - Indicated by a red "A" in front of their aqua-coloured names, Admins are responsible for the running of the server. They have OP (operator) permissions, can add, modify or remove Gamemode 4 Modules. Current server admins are Crazyman47 and Sparks from AccidentalGames, SpiderRobotMan and Bluefire610

Dimensions Edit

There are several dimensions you can reach. To teleport to different dimensions you must use the Mandala at specific places. Below are the dimensions.

Name Advancement Particle
Tutorial World (none) (none)
Overworld World View Destroyed Yellowish Green
Upper Caves Going Down Gray
Lush Life Finds a Way Bright Green
Lower Caves Deeper and Deeper Black
Aether Going Up Aqua
Mountains Hope you like Hiking Dark Red
Moon One Small Step Pinkish Gray
Paths Razing a Mountain Yellowish Green
GM4D Dimensions

Event Dimensions Edit

Some dimensions were available for a limited time for a server event.

Name Advancement Particle
Winter Enderland Never Gonna Give You Up White

Vanilla Dimensions Edit

There are several differences between the normal dimensions of Minecraft and the dimensions of Gamemode 4D. The Overworld, Nether, and End have been tweaked to make the survival experience more difficult.

The Overworld Edit

In this version of the overworld, the bedrock layer is completely flat and found at Y=40, opposed to the normal Y=0-5, ragged bedrock floor, thus coal ore is the only ore found within this dimension, apart from emerald ore which can be found in extreme hills. Villagers cannot exist in this dimension, and will immediately disappear when converting from Zombie Villagers. Nether portals cannot be created in the Overworld. The End Portal cannot be found in the Overworld.

The Nether Edit

The Nether cannot be accessed through the Overworld. To reach the Nether, a portal can be built at the very bottom area of Lower Caves. Portals in the Nether must be below a certain height to properly activate.

The End Edit

The End cannot be accessed through the Overworld. To reach the End, a player must use an End Portal found on The Moon.

Significant Dates/ Moments Edit

Date Moment
9th February 2017 Bluefire610 starts releasing hints about PSIV
31st August 2017 Previous iteration of server shuts
19th October 2017 Play testing for new server begins
24th October 2017 Announcement of server release date and official name
10th November 2017 Start of Server
13th November 2017 The new Liquid Tanks recipe is found
17th November 2017 The Ender Portal is discovered on The Moon
18th-19th November 2017 Server Shut due to crash. Bugs fixed: Join Messages, randomly spawning at 0,0 Making travel safer.
27th November 2017 After many people being convinced that there were no more dimensions to find, the Paths dimension is accidentally discovered.
5th December 2017 After a player investigated the end portal on The Moon, and opening a seal left by the chest loot World Bender, players can now connect to a winterized end platform, complete with Christmas decor and a relatively tough parkour course.
19th December 2017 Thanks to the players' continued determination, the Ender Dragon has been permanently killed after a series of many fights with her that started about a week after 20 players completed the parkour course, and the World Bender has been freed. However, the unhatched dragon egg, which the Ender Dragon mentioned was her son, disappeared without a trace. A gateway to the outer end islands cannot be found, suggesting that perhaps we will fight the dragon's son in the future.
16th January 2018 The World Benders cleaned up the End, and moved the portal links back to their original locations on the moon (the strongholds). This means that players can now access the End. The main island remains custom, but much of the corruption from the Ender Dragon is gone--only the lifeless husk of the Device remains.
21st January 2018 A player invokes the dragon resurrection ritual, by placing 4 end crystals around the exit end portal. The Ender Dragon herself did not appear, only a Memory of her. The fight was just like a vanilla dragon fight, except that the Memory of the Ender Dragon occasionally summoned corrupted mandalas that had to be slain before they reached the exit end portal, lest the dragon be healed greatly. The dragon egg remains lost, and therefore there may well be a living Ender Dragon.

Gallery Edit

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