The Far West is a small town on the Public Server II, known for its arcade. It was located at -1215 6500 and was created by raffhork09.

About Edit


Far West is located a stone's throw away from Mesa and is even located in the same biome.

As the name suggests, Far West drew inspiration from early 18th century, the times of european colonialism in America. As such, it features a small western town, complete with a bar, and some native camps, mainly compromised of woolen tents.

Landmarks Edit

  • Mesa Mall - A market located under the town
  • Native Camps - Recreation of Native Indian settlement
  • Far West Arcade - Location of all mini-games created by Far-West resident
  • Raff's Statue - Statue of the Creator

Nether Edit

Location Edit

Far West was located south-east from Mesa. You could follow banners on foot or through it's Nether Tunnel located in the Mesa Nether Hub. You could also get there through minecart at the Mesa Station (which was never completed).

Attractions Edit

Some other attractions present in the town.

  • Western Town
  • SmallVi
  • Christmas Caves - Location of Far West's Christmas event

Far West Arcade Edit

The first Mesa Minigame Zone: There were 3 games open, 4 games under construction and 1 game closed at the shutting of the server. The games were:

  • Hunger Bar
  • Lucky Smash (Closed)
  • Surielle's Game (Under Construction)
  • Dragon's Game (Under Construction)
  • Connect Four (Under Construction)
  • Frost Fight
  • Minitor Maze

Native Camp Edit

The native camp was a location where players could set up a base with not having to run back and fourth to their own base.