The Far West is a small town on the Public Server II, known for its arcade. It was located at -1215 6500 and was created by raffhork09.

About Edit


Far West is located a stone's throw away from Mesa and is even located in the same biome.

As the name suggests, Far West drew inspiration from early 18th century, the times of european colonialism in America. As such, it features a small western town, complete with a bar, and some native camps, mainly compromised of woolen tents.

Landmarks Edit

  • Mesa Mall -
  • Native Camps -
  • Far West Arcade -
  • Raff's Statue -

Nether Edit

Attractions Edit

The town has seen a huge amount of development since it started in September. As there are so many attractions at the Far West, only the main ones will be explained in detail. List of attractions:

  • The Mesa Mall
  • Far West Arcade
  • Far West Hotel (Coming Soon)
  • Native Camps
  • Western Town
  • Food Needle (Under Construction)
  • SmallVill
  • Carnival Of Screams (Coming February)
  • Christmas Caves

More attractions will be announced in the coming future.

Location Edit

Far West is located south-east from Mesa. Follow the banners to get there on foot or go through the Nether Tunnel located in the Mesa Nether Hub. You can also get there through minecart at the Mesa Station (Coming Soon).

Mesa Mall Edit

The Mesa Mall is a shopping mall located under the Far West. It is a public shopping mall so anyone can get a plot. To get one, /msg raffhork09 when you're both online. We currently don't have much stores open but much more will be opening in the coming weeks.

Far West Arcade Edit

The first and only Mesa Minigame Zone. There are currently 3 games open, 4 games under construction and 1 game currently closed. The games are:

  • Hunger Bar
  • Lucky Smash (Currently Closed)
  • Surielle's Game (Coming Soon)
  • Dragon's Game (Coming Soon)
  • Connect Four (Coming Soon)
  • Frost Fight
  • Minitor Maze

Much more will be added soon. If you want a plot, /msg raffhork09 when you're both online and ask if you can have either a large, medium or small plot.

Native Camps/Western Town Edit

Are you building your base at the Far West? Don't want to run back and forth to get your blocks? Then worry no more. You can stay at either a house in the Western Town or a tent in the Native Camps. /msg raffhork09 when you're both online if interested. New people or base builders stay free. For others it costs 2 Diamonds per 2 weeks (IRL).

How To Join Edit

To join Far West you need to apply at the 'Apply Centre' near the 'Native Camps'. Take time to fill out a form as it is a good way to pass the time :)

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