The Far West Arcade Christmas Event was a small event which took place on the Public Server II on 21st December (Monday) at 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM (UK Time, UTC +0). Raffhork09 was hosting the event and making sure everything runs smoothly. He was also recording the event for his YouTube channel. Link to Raff's YouTube channel is here.

Events Edit

There were 3 smaller events in this Event. They all lasted different amounts of times and had a 5-7 minute intermission between them. During these intermissions players could enjoy festive games such as Santa's Grotto, Santa Slot Machine and Hockey.

Event 1 Edit

The first event was be a treasure hunt. Players were split into different teams to solve a treasure hunt which lead them all around the 'Christmas Caves'. The winners got a man made trophy. This wasn't a player skull.

Event 2 Edit

The second event was a parkour race. Players had to race against each other in a crazy 3 lap course. The first 3 players got either a gold, silver or bronze trophy.

Event 3 Edit

The final event was a "Find and kill Wither fight". Players had to solve a problem that lead them to a cage with a wither inside. Players had to put the nether stars they collect in 10 item frames. After the fight was over, all players will got a participant man-made trophy.

Texture Pack Edit

As Raff was lazy to build an entire snow cave, he cheated and made a texture pack that made stone look like snow. Players had to use it during the event.

Schedule Edit

  • 7:20 - Pre-Event
  • 7:30 - Event Start
  • 7:35 - Intermission
  • 7:40 - Treasure Hunt
  • 8:10 - Intermission
  • 8:20 - Parkour Race
  • 8:35 - Intermission
  • 8:40 - Wither Fight
  • 8:45 - Intermission
  • 9:00 - Expected Event End