This module is an Expansion Module. It adds functionality to Custom Crafting Base.


This is an expansion pack for the Custom Crafting base module that adds an "alchemical crafter" to your world, along with various transmutation recipes.

Details Edit

The basis of this recipe pack is the Alchemical Crafter, and the Philosopher's Stone; these can both be crafted using a standard custom crafter, and are both needed to perform any transmutation recipes. The Philosopher's Stone is used in recipes but isn't consumed, rather it is used as a catalyst for the conversion. This recipe pack is useful to people who want to spend less time gathering certain raw materials. The ability to interchange ores means an abundance of one material can be converted to compensate for a scarcity in another with some loss. A stack (64) of coal, for example, can be transmuted into a single diamond, or a single diamond can become a stack of coal.

Philosopher's Stone Crafting Edit

Name Ingredients Custom Crafter Description
Minium Dust Redstone Dust, Diamond
Inert Stone Gold, Stone, Diamond
Philosopher's Stone Inert Stone, Minium Dust
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A standard custom crafter can be upgraded to an Alchemical Crafter by placing the following recipe inside it:

An Alchemical Crafter has the following recipes:

Ore Transmutation Edit

Name Ingredients Alchemical Crafter Description
Coal Philosopher's Stone, Redstone Dust
Iron Philosopher's Stone, Coal
Gold Philosopher's Stone, Iron
Diamond Philosopher's Stone, Gold
Emerald Philosopher's Stone, Diamond

Reverse Ore Transmutation Edit

Name Ingredients Alchemical Crafter Description
Diamond Philosopher's Stone, Emerald
Gold Philosopher's Stone, Diamond
Iron Philosopher's Stone, Gold
Coal Philosopher's Stone, Iron
Redstone Philosopher's Stone, Coal

Item TransmutationEdit

Name Ingredients Alchemical Crafter Description
Log Philosopher's Stone, Any planks of the same type
The recipe will convert four of the same type of plank into a log of the same wood type
Dye Philosopher's Stone, Any Dye
The recipe will result in the next dye in sequence
Sapling Philosopher's Stone, Any Sapling
The recipe will result in the next sapling in the sequence
Flower Philosopher's Stone, Any Flower
The recipe will result in the next flower in the sequence. This includes tallgrass and dead bushes
Stone Brick Philosopher's Stone, Any Stone Brick
The recipe cycles between regular, mossy, cracked and chiselled stone brick.
Raw Meat Philosopher's Stone, Any Raw Meat
The recipe cycles between pork, chicken, mutton and steak
Raw Fish Philosopher's Stone, Any Raw Fish
The recipe cycles between fish, salmon, clownfish and puffer-fish

Ore Processing Edit

Name Ingredients Alchemical Crafter Description
Iron Ingot Philosopher's Stone, Iron Ore
Gold Ingot Philosopher's Stone, Gold Ore
Diamond Philosopher's Stone, Diamond Ore
Lapis Philosopher's Stone, Lapis Ore
Redstone Dust Philosopher's Stone, Redstone Ore
Emerald Philosopher's Stone, Emerald Ore
Coal Philosopher's Stone, Coal Ore

Infinity Tool Edit

2015-06-15 14.51.44
2015-06-15 14.53.25
2015-06-15 14.56.12

It is possible to create an unbreaking diamond pick with a +105 attack damage (regular diamond picks have 5 attack damage) along with the following effects:

  • Fortune Level 30
  • Efficiency Level 30 (Increases Mining speed by ~1377%)
  • Looting Level 10 (+10 maximum loot drops, +10.5% chance of rare drops)
  • Bane of Arthropods Level 80 (+200 damage to Arthropods)
  • Smite Level 80 (+200 damage to undead mobs)
  • Sharpness Level 80 (+100 damage to all mobs)
  • Power Level 10 (No effect, as "Power" is a bow enchantment)
  • Unbreaking Level 10 (No effect, NBT tag "Unbreakable" is True)

The following raw materials are needed, making the tool impractical to craft without some sort of mob farm to collect materials for transmutation:

Material Amount
Redstone 12288
Diamonds 2334
Gold Ingots 3120
Stone 3072
Iron Ingots 192
Obsidian 3

The following recipe chain must be followed:

Name Ingredients Alchemical Crafter Description
Philosopher's Stone MKII Philosopher's Stone, Iron
Philosopher's Stone MKIII Philosopher's Stone MKII, Gold
Philosopher's Stone MKIV Philosopher's Stone MKIII, Diamond
Error Philosopher's Stone MKIV, Obsidian
Infinity Tool Error, Diamond Block

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History Edit

Date Change
24 Apr 2015 Released EE Expansion Pack
24 May 2015 Fixed one-click command not allowing Philosopher's stones to be crafted
25 May 2015 Fixed one-click command not allowing Alchemical Crafters to be created