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As passive mobs, Enderman aren't too much of a problem in a world, provided you don't make eye contact. Want to make them more dangerous? This module turns Endermen into a support class for other mobs. Endermen will give special potion effects to mobs within 25 blocks to make those mobs more dangerous until the Enderman is killed or moves away!

Details Edit

An Enderman will cause most hostile mobs within a radius of 25 blocks to gain potion effects or attributes. The effects run out on the mobs as soon as the enderman is killed or moves out of range.

Effects Edit

Affected Mob Effect applied
Creeper Regeneration II
Cave Spider Jump Boost II
Silverfish Resistance II
Skeleton Effects all Players within 4 blocks of the skeleton with Weakness II
Spider Jump Boost I
Zombie Speed II
Shulker (1.9+ ) Stops all Players within 3 blocks from jumping

1.9+ Version Edit

Shulkers supported by Endermen now blind players within three blocks of themselves - a transferred effect like Skeletons.

Achievements (1.9+) Edit

Coming in contact with an Enderman for the first time will unlock the Ender Aid achievement.

Technical Details Edit

1.8 Edit

Clock type 1) Altering Hopper Clock*
Clock speed 1) 2,86Hz (Once every 7 ticks)
Commands per pulse 1) 3
Nested commands per pulse 1) 3

*Both hoppers in the clock get activated in turn. This means that the frequency is twice as high, but only half the commands get executed.

Command Overview Edit

An overview of all commands used in this module can be found in a plain text file. You can download the file here and open it with a text editor.

(Alternative link)

Scoreboard Objectives Edit

This module doesn't use any scoreboard objectives.

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See More Edit

Watch youtube 2 Website

History Edit

Date Version Change
28 Feb 2014 1.0 Released Enderman Support Class

1.9+ Edit

Date Version Change
24 October 2016 2.0 Released Enderman Support Class for 1.9+
10 Jun 2016 2.2 Updated to 1.12