This module is a Reliant Module. It requires Custom Crafting Base to do some/all of its functions.

This module allows players to craft the elytra, rather than finding it in the End. This module is exclusive to the Gamemode 4 Public Server III.

Details Edit

Because the size of the world of the Public Server III is limited to 15000x15000 blocks, so is the End, thus limiting the amount of elytra obtainable. This module adds five crafting recipies which provide a way (albeit a very expensive one) to obtain these awesome wings.

Material ListEdit

This list contains all the materials needed to make the elytra, if you're up for the challenge.

Item Item Name Quantity
Leather x 5
Grey Dye x 2
String x 1
Nether Star x 1
Popped Chorus Fruit x 4
Bottles o' Enchanting x 4
Emerald Block x 1
Ender Pearls x 4
Obsidian x 4
Wither Skeleton Skull x 1
Diamonds x 16
Prismarine Shards x 16
Slimeballs x 4
End Crystals x 2


Name Ingredients Custom Crafter Description
Hand Stitched Wings Gray Dye, String, Leather, Nether Star
Fuel Cell Bottles o' Enchanting, Popped Chorus Fruit, Emerald Block
Levitation Orb Ender Pearls, Obsidian, Wither Skeleton Skull
Elytra Scale Diamonds, Prismarine Shards, Slimeball
Elytra Elytra Scales, Hand Stitched Wings, End Crystals, Levitation Orb, Fuel Cell


Date Change
21 May 2016 Module possibly added to the server.
09 Aug 2016 Full recipe is discovered by the public.