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The Easter Event was an event on the Public Server III, started on April 15th 2017. It was themed around a classic Easter activity - searching for Easter eggs in different hiding places.

About Edit

The event was divided into two parts - an Easter Egg Hunt and a boss battle. The boss battle was inspired by FVDisco's Bunny Boss Fight and was made by DragonEye3k, Dordir8, Sparks, Internet_Alien. The video for the event was produced and edited by MrCocaCoda. The eggs for the event were textured by Dordir8.

Easter Egg Hunt Edit

Easter Eggs were placed by staff in the five spawn towns - Extreme Hills, Jungle, Mega Taiga, Mushroom Island and Savanna. There were two different varieties of eggs, themed Gamemode 4 Blue with white spots marked on them.

Evil Bunny Boss Battle Edit

After finding an Easter Egg, players could put the egg inside a Teleporter chest at any town to initiate the battle between up to 5 players, and the Evil Easter Bunny. The battle took place in an arena, containing six platforms, on which spawned the Evil Bunny's guardians. If a player was knocked down, they would 'die' and be teleported to their spawn town. To defeat the bunny, players had the shoot his sensitive areas, such as his nose, mouth or paws. His mouth would move up and down, revealing a weak spot, which dealt more damage than the other areas. Throughout the fight, Wither Bunnies would spawn to fight the players and defend the Evil Bunny; players could also be thrown into the air under the Evil Bunny's spells. The first players to defeat him were: dordir8, Hero29 and Internet_Alien.

Reward Edit

All players who defeated the Evil Bunny were rewarded with an Evil Bunny Trophy, designed by MrCocaCoda, which gave the effect Jump Boost III. The Easter Eggs could also serve as a reward, if the player found multiple.

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