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This module is an Expansion Module. It adds functionality to Custom Crafting Base.


The Disassembler Expansion Pack allows you to take apart tools, weapons, and armour to get the raw materials back. This only works if the item has no damage, and requires the Custom Crafter base module to work.

Details Edit

The Disassembler is an upgrade which can be made to the Custom Crafter by inserting the following recipe into it:

To disassemble tools, armour, or weapons, simply put them into the middle slot of the Disassembler. You will get your materials back, as shown below:

The item must not be damaged. Enchantments are not kept, so be careful not to lose them!

1.9 Version Edit

In the 1.9 version for the Public Server III, items are no longer put inside the Disassembler, but are thrown on top. The player will recieve a random amount of materials, with the maximum being the amount of materials used in crafting said item. To save on lag, only iron, gold, and diamond tools, weapons, and armour can be disassembled.

Achievements (1.9)Edit

Creating a Disassembler for the first time will unlock the Clever Decrafting achievement. (GM4 Public Server)

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History Edit

Date Change
31 Mar 2015 Released Expansion Pack