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This module will cause natural looking paths to slowly appear in often-travelled areas of your world. Grass beneath players' feet will occasionally be trampled into dirt, and with enough time, coarse dirt, leaving a permanent, natural-looking path that slowly appears over time!

Details Edit

Once every few seconds, the ground (grass or dirt) below you will be flattened. If the block was grass, it will become dirt (which can naturally turn back into grass if there is more grass nearby), or if the block is already dirt, it will become coarse dirt. Grass won't regrow on coarse dirt unless you use a hoe to return it to regular dirt. The trampling effect will also destroy tall-grass and cause flowers to uproot and drop as items.

The trampling effect will only happen if the player is moving.

1.9 Version Edit

The 1.9 version added wearing down of 2-deep snow layers into 1-deep layers, which can then be flattened (and destroyed) completely. Flowers, 2-high flowers, grass, and mushrooms can also break if stepped on. Moving slowly will reduce the effect, and sneaking or walking while drawing a bow will remove the effect completely.

Hermitcraft Server Edit

In the Hermitcraft release of this module, double-tall grass was broken and sand could be compressed into sandstone when stepped upon by a player. The double grass is a bug fix and has been publicly released but the sand-to-sandstone feature was not included as Sparks said he doesn't like the feature.

Boots of Ostara Edit

If the player has crafted the Boots of Ostara and is wearing them, the effects of desire lines will not happen. For crafting and features of Boots of Ostara please see the main module page.

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History Edit

1.8 Edit

Date Version Change
14 Sep 2014 1.0 Released Desire Lines.
4 Jun 2015 1.1 Updated to reduce lag, break double-tall plants and interact with the

Boots of Ostara module.

1.9+ Edit

Date Version Change
9 Feb 2016 2.0 Module made to fit 1.9 standards. Added various changes to breaking plants and wearing down snow layers. Sneaking now removes the effect.
19 March 2017 2.1 Updated to 1.11
9 Oct 2017 2.2 Updated to 1.12

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