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DMDShiny Lighthouse

DMD was a town on the Public Server II. . It was established by Dennis, MrCocaCoda and dordir8, at -775 -625. The name comes from the initials of the three creators and mayors, who joined together to form a town near their bases.

About Edit


DMD was located in a Mega Taiga biome and was set along the coast. As such, most of the builds follow a classic forest-style building theme, consisting of spruce wood, stone and green blocks, such as mossy cobblestone, leaves or green stained clay.

As mentioned before, DMD also featured a nice coastline, complete with docks, a lighthouse, a fish market and a shipyard house.

Locations Edit

  • DMD Lighthouse -
  • Location #1 -
  • Location #1 -
  • Location #1 -

Nether Edit

DMD's Nether Hub could be reached from Plains fairly quickly, by following the path to Dennis' main base and Terra Somnia. The hub itself was circular shaped with an open roof, also acting like a crossroad. It was built out of spruce wood, quartz

Members Edit


This town is sectioned into 3 different districts/areas. There may be more in the future.

Fishing DistrictEdit

This district is along the sea. It is North of the town hall.

  • The Dock
  • The lighthouse
  • The Shipyard House/ Nether portal room
  • The town hall (about ¾ way through completion)
  • The Fishing Shack & Shop

Residential District Edit

This is where all of the members' houses are. It is East of the town hall.



The entrance to the nether tunnel (in plains)

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Aerial view of the Residential Area