This module is an Expansion Module. It adds functionality to Custom Terrain Base Module.


This module modifies the caves and terrain of desert, mesa, and icy biomes to create a wider variety of terrain to explore. A good computer is needed to run this module, especially when icy terrain is being generated. The Custom Terrain base module is required.

Details Edit

The following changes should happen once a new chunk is first checked after installation.

Biome Change
Desert All stone types are replaced by sandstone, gravel with sand, Mineshafts are made with birch wood instead of oak.
Mesa All smooth stone between y=1-10 is replaced by black clay, smooth stone between y=11-60 becomes unstained hardened clay. Other stone variants become wet clay. Most water is deleted from caves. Mineshafts are made with acacia wood instead of oak.
Ice Plains, Snowy Taiga, Ice Spike Plains Smooth stone and grass are replaced by snow. Lava and dirt are replaced by packed ice. Other stone variants and water become ice. Mineshafts are made with spruce wood instead of oak.

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History Edit

Date Change
14 Mar 2015 Started Private Beta on Public GM4 Server
13 Jun 2015 Released Module