This module adds a neat and tidy room for you to store your modules in. Encased in barriers, this room will be safe from survival players.

Details Edit

The Command Room creates a good environment for installing Gamemode 4 modules. It is 50 blocks wide, 50 blocks long and 16 blocks tall, thus providing loads of space. If you need even more, you can always combine multiple rooms into one huge room.

The room itself has a floor made out of sea lanterns (which prevents mobs from spawning), is completely encased in barrier blocks to protect modules from players, and has a handsome Gamemode 4 logo as a ceiling.

After the module is installed, a teleportation button will appear near you. Activating it will teleport you into the room. The room also features a teleportation button, however this one will teleport you to the surface. If you for some reason don't want the buttons, simply remove the blocks.

Gallery Edit

See More Edit

Watch youtube 2 Website

History Edit

1.9+ Edit

Date Version Change
Jan 2016 Beta 1.0 A command room similar to this one is added to Patreon Server I
18 May 2016 1.0 Released Command Room
10 Jun 2017 2.2 Updated to 1.12

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