Trophies are specially textured, wearable items on the Gamemode 4 Public Server that are both decorative and serve a variety of special purposes. The trophies are difficult to obtain, with players having to earn them or be present at certain events to receive them.

Trophies are rare, limited edition items that cannot be replaced if lost (though should be reported if stolen) making them highly tradeable commodities on the server.

Public Server II Event Trophies Edit

Trophies which could be obtained during special events.

Trophy Name Item Obtained Functions Quantity produced Texturer
Dragon Trophy
During the Public Server II Dragon Fight. Creates purple particles around a player who wears it. Can be used as a substitute for invisibility in Unstable Ender Dimension Holes. ~80 Sparks
Cauldron Trophy
During the Public Server II Halloween Event. Turns a horse, mule or donkey into a skeletal version when thrown at it. ~80 Sheepe
Rainbow Cauldron Trophy
Winners of games in the Public Server II Halloween Event. Gives the wearer saturation and regeneration but also stops them moving, attacking or mining. The regen and saturation carries over to nearby players making it a good skull for quick team healing. 9 Laerite
Treasonous Trophy
Limited time during Bonfire Night. Launches fireworks in the direction you're facing. Can be custom crafted with dyes for four types of firework. 145 Laerite
Gift Trophy
During day 5 of the Winter Event and the 21st December for a limited time. Gives random items to the player when worn. 97 Laerite
Electric Spark Award
Awarded to towns and players for various build competition categories. Occasionally throws bottles of enchanting at players when worn or placed on Armour Stand. 5 Jonpot
Shadow Realm Trophy Awarded after NULL was erased, or for going to two mini null events. Gives the wearer Speed IV, Strength and Blindness. TBA TBA
Zombie Trophy Participation in the Zombie Event. Resistance to zombies. MC_ZombieSlayer
Zombie Charm Trophy Traded with a zombie heart. Gives nearby zombies jump boost. MrCocaCoda

Public Server III Event Trophies Edit



Item Obtained Functions Texturer
Dragon Trophy Participation at the PSIII Dragon Fight Produces white firework particles behind flying players
Independence Day Trophy Joining the server during the 4th of July, America's Independence Day Gives the player a (red, white and blue) firework
Garden Trophy For working on a garden for the Garden Party Event Sparks and Crazyman to visit. Unknown Sparks
Games of Olympics Trophy Given out to everyone who took part in one of the many 'sports' during the Games of Olympics. Each player has one of the five colours of the Olympic Rings, forming up in the correct order will give everyone nearby saturation for 30 minutes. Sheepe
White Pumpkin Trophy For entering the spooky mansion on the hill during the Halloween Event. Spawns the traitorous cat "Winslow" when in especially spooky places DragonEye3k
Server Citizen Trophy Obtained by completing 5 of 6 challenges during the ESA event Sneaking will greet nearby players with a variety of different sayings DragonEye3k
Server Birthday Cake Trophy Any player who logged in on the 21st May 2017 received this to celebrate PSIII 1st year anniversary! DragonEye3k

Patreon Trophies Edit

Trophies obtainable via supporting AccidentalGames, known as Patreon Trophies.

Trophy Name Item Obtained Functions Quantity Produced Texturer
December 2015 Patreon Trophy
Supporting AccidentalGames on Patreon for December 2015 Generates an orange particle trail. 28 Laerite
January 2016 Patreon Trophy
Supporting Accidental Games on Patreon for January 2016 Generates a rainbow particle trail and summons rainbow wool. TBD MC_ZombieSlayer
February 2016 Patreon Trophy TBD Supporting Accidental Games on Patreon for February 2016 Generates a heart particle trail. 31 PenguinJ2
March 2016 Patreon


TBD Supporting Accidental Games on Patreon for February 2016 Drops a rabbit spawn egg every 3 minutes. TBA Dordir8
May 2016 Patreon Trophy TBD Supporting Accidental Games on Patreon for May 2016 Plays purple particles around the player ?
June 2016 Patreon Trophy TBD Supporting Accidental Games on Patreon for June 2016 Creates a spiral of blue particles over the players' head TBA Denniss

Quest Trophies Edit

Trophies obtainable by completing quests, known as Quest Trophies.

Trophy Name Item Obtained Functions Quantity Produced Texturer
Nightly Creature Trophy
Awarded fo killing 40 Bats. Gives the player a vampiric effect when attacking mobs/players. Infinite TBD


Awarded for splashing 10 speed potions at Endermen. Teleports the player if they jump 20 times. Infinite TBD
Rebirth Trophy
Awarded for running into a Zombie with Boots of Ostara, Golden Leggings, Diamond Chestplate, Pumpkin and a Wooden Sword. Gives Resistance to the player if worn. When dropped, near mobs will be slowed, and near dropped items will never despawn. Infinite TBD


Awarded for standing near a squid for 2:06 minutes. Gives the player Water Breathing when worn in water and Wither if worn on land. Infinite TBD

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