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This module is a Stand Alone Module. It does not require any other module to function properly.

Tired of the uselessness of bats? This tiny module will turn them into tiny furry flying balls of death! Bats will squeak loudly if you get near them, and vanish in a small explosion if you get too near!

Details Edit

Bats that come near (7 block radius) a player will squeak a warning loudly and consistently. If they get within 5 blocks of a player they will explode, even if there is a wall between the bat and the player. Bats create a very small explosion when triggered by a player - a third than that of a creeper. While they can cause damage to nearby blocks and players, it is minimal and players will easily survive a direct hit unless on low health.

Spice up your caving!

1.9+ Version Edit

The 1.9+ version of this module works the same, however bats will explode when in a radius of 3 blocks from a player instead of 5 and will not explode for players in creative or spectator mode. There were also minor lag reductions, an identifier armour stand and an info sign.

Achievements (1.9+) Edit

Coming near a bat (thus making it explode) for the first time will unlock the Batboozled achievement.

Windows Beta 0.16.1 Version Edit

Using behaviour packs, Bat grenades has been remade for Windows 10/Pocket Edition platforms. Bats behave more or less the same as in the Java edition except they do not explode if there is a wall between them and the player and they drop gunpowder using a Creeper loot table (0-3 gunpowder without looting).

Bugs (1.9+) Edit

  • Bats will explode when near a player, even if the bat does not have direct line-of-sight to the player. It is unclear how this could be fixed.
  • The creeper used to explode the bat is briefly visible. This is due to a minecraft bug and could be fixed but at the cost of lag.
  • If the game is on peaceful mode, bats will not explode, nor die. This is due to creepers despawning before they can explode.

Technical Details Edit

1.8 Edit

Clock type 1) Hopper clock
Clock speed 1) 1,43Hz (Once every 14 ticks)
Commands per pulse 1) 2
Nested commands per pulse 1) 6

Scoreboard Objectives Edit

This module doesn't use any scoreboard objectives.

2015-07-16 17.18.47

See More Edit

Watch youtube 2 Website

History Edit

1.8 Edit

Date Version Change
21 Feb 2014 1.0 Released Bat Grenades
28 Mar 2015 1.1 Fixed death message to say "...was killed by exploding bat" instead of "...was killed by creeper"

1.9+ Edit

Date Version Change
13 Jan 2016 2.0 Module made to fit 1.9 standards. Bats no longer explode for players in creative or spectator. Players now have to be closer to the bat to cause an explosion (3 blocks instead of 5)
13 Jan 2016 2.1 Snapshot 16w02a changed the playsound command (again). Playsound format updated.
17 Jan 2016 2.2 Fixed issue with squeak playsound in SMP worlds.
4 Jun 2016 2.3 Added "Batboozled" achievement and fixed playsound so it originates from the bat not the player
10 Jun 2017 2.5 Updated to 1.12

Windows 10 Beta 0.16.1+ Edit

Date Version Change
25 October 2016 1.0 Created module for Win 10 Beta