Amestris (Public Server II Town)Sister to the King of Underwater, Abovewater Cities
Amestris was an apply only town made for Otakus on the Public Server II. It was marked on the map with a ruby icon. It was the sister town to Atlantis.


Amestris was located on an island covered by Extreme Hills. The theme of the town revolved around spruce wood and different types of stone, such as granite or diorite. Nothing else is known about the town.

Joining Edit

Those who wished to join Amestris had to apply here.

Members Edit

  1. Mayor: Macewindy89
  2. Deputy Mayor: shadow_king3
  3. DarkSvenity
  4. spitfire996
  5. whipersnapper
  6. pixel1o1
  8. NovaPhantom18

Gallery Edit

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