Ald Haven, also known as just Ald, is a town on the Public Server III. It is located around 5600 5000 and just like its predecessors, Ald Shore and Ald Isle, was created by Slash_Stache and rarest_of_pepes.


Ald Haven is the third town in the Ald series. It is located in a custom mesa biome, which features a canyon and a river which flows through it, creating some waterfalls along the way.

Ald Haven's building theme is similar to that of previous Alds, now featuring builds made mainly out of acacia wood and accented with different colours of hardened clay.

Landmarks Edit

  • Ald's Bridge - A bridge going over the valley, built out of acacia and cobblestone. The Ald Haven sign also hangs from it.
  • Player Statues - Lots of player statues, including RedstoneSlime and Fyid's look down upon Ald.
  • Pepe Square -
  • Lae and Moon's Bridge House -
  • Bigleft's Shop - A shop providing Aldians with pretty much everything, from weapons to food.

Nether Edit

Members Edit

Gallery Edit

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2016-05-30 14.30.33
2016-06-23 22.16.24

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